The Seminar on Study Abroad in Germany was held by Main Bridge on 30 May, 2, 4 and 10 June 2018 in schools in Chongqing, Yunnan and Shanghai.


Ina Braun
M. Sc.,RWTH Aachen University
Academic Relationship Commissar

Short Bio: Ina Braun was born and raised in Aachen. During her high school time she spent half a year in New Zealand studying at a high school. After her graduation from high school in Aachen she moved to Münster to study Business Administration. One of her Bachelor semesters she spent abroad at the University of Ghent in Belgium. After completing her Bachelor study at the University of Münster she came back to Aachen for her master study at the RWTH Aachen University. Furthermore, she gained practical experience through internships.

Jyun Tran
Dipl.-Inform., RWTH Aachen University
Teaching and Research Assistant
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology RWTH AACHEN UNIVERSITY, AACHEN, GERMANY

Short Bio: Jyun Tran graduated from RWTH Aachen University in March 2010. Two months later he joined ComNets Research Group of RWTH, which is a leading research institute of mobile radio communication in Germany and Europe. He works as a teaching and research assistant. His research interest focuses on mobile cellular systems of the 5th generation, such as LTE-Advanced system. He has published so far 5 papers in leading international conferences of this research area. Furthermore, his teaching responsibility is supervision of students to complete their thesis works. He has supervised 10 Master and Bachelor thesis works and all of these theses are rated with “Excellent” or “Good” grade. Especially, 4 Master theses among them are awarded with “FFV Master Thesis Award”.


Title: Study and Student Life at Elite University - RWTH Aachen University

Speaker: Ina Braun

Language: German

Abstract: Ina Braun first introduced herself and talked about her study experience. Then she introduced the concept of “German Elite University”, the World University Rankings and the profile of RWTH Aachen. She explained why she was enrolled in the MBA program at RWTH. From her practical experience of application for a master degree, she introduced the detailed application process at RWTH. She compared the learning methods at University with those in the middle school. Finally, she introduced her daily life at campus as well as her leisure time in Aachen.

Title: Study Abroad in German Studienkolleg and Elite University

Speaker: Jyun Tran

Language: Chinese

Abstract: Jyun Tran reviews his study and work experience, from Studienkolleg for international students, till his Bachelor and Master study, as well as his teaching and research work at RWTH Aachen. He explained his intention of study abroad in Germany and the application process of international students for German Studienkollegs and the Universities. Finally he analyzed the career prospects both in China and Germany for Chinese graduates from German Universities.


After the Seminar we followed up with all of the schools. The teachers welcomed the Seminar well and were looking forward to inviting Main Bridge to organize the next Seminar in the autumn of 2019. They hope that the next Seminar can provide their high school age students with the latest news about study abroad in Germany.