Last Main Bridge Seminar on Study Abroad in Germany


Last Seminar on Study Abroad in Germany was held by Main Bridge on 24, 27, 28, 29 June, 1 and 2 July 2016 in Wuhan , Chongqing, Xi'an, Fuzhou , Beijing and Shanghai.



Keynote Speakers

Dinah Caroline Schlemper
RWTH Aachen University, Aachen, Germany

Short Bio: Dinah Caroline Schlemper currently studies Industrial Engineering at RTWH Aachen University. After her graduation from high school, she completed a comprehensive training as Goldsmith and Silversmith. She collected practical experience and successfully completed her master craftsman training at one of the most famous goldsmiths in Düsseldorf, Germany. Furthermore, within the framework of her work and her master craftsman training, she was able to gain deeper economic knowledge. Her technical and often experimental work fascinated her and moved her to study at RWTH to exploit her full potential.

Jyun Tran
Teaching and Research Assistant
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Short Bio: Jyun Tran graduated from RWTH Aachen University in March 2010. Two months later he joined ComNets Research Group of RWTH, which is a leading research institute of mobile radio communication in Germany and Europe. He works as a teaching and research assistant. His research interest focuses on mobile cellular systems of the 5th generation, such as LTE-Advanced system. He has published so far 5 papers in leading international conferences of this research area. Furthermore, his teaching responsibility is supervision of students to complete their thesis works. He has supervised 10 Master and Bachelor thesis works and all of these theses are rated with “Excellent” or “Good” grade. Especially, 4 Master theses among them are awarded with “FFV Master Thesis Award”.

Presentation Sessions

Title: Study at Elite University - RWTH Aachen University

Speaker: Dinah Caroline Schlemper

Language: German

Abstract: Dinah Caroline Schlemper gives a talk about her study at the Elite University - RWTH Aachen University. First of all, she tells you her motivation to study in Aachen. Then, she introduces some basic facts about RWTH. Further, she gives you an overview about her studying activities at the university, e.g. attending lectures and exercises, interaction with professors and teaching assistants, etc. Moreover, she shows you her daily life and leisure time in Aachen. Last but not least, she explains the reason why the graduates of RWTH have worldwide such high reputations.

Title: Study Abroad in German Studienkolleg and Elite University

Speaker: Jyun Tran

Language: Chinese

Abstract: Jyun Tran reviews his study and work experience in Germany with you, from Studienkolleg for international students at RWTH Aachen University, till his Bachelor and Master study, and his teaching and research work at RWTH. From such a “senior” foreign student’s point of view, you can have a basic idea about how study in a German Studienkolleg and at a German Elite University looks like. Further, you can learn from his experience of studying abroad in Germany.

Discussion Session

Students and their parents raised all kinds of questions about study and life in Germany. Two speakers answered the questions one by one. Interesting discussion topics include, among others, application for and admission to German Studienkollegs for international students, duration of various programs in Studienkollegs; application for and admission to German universities, majors, etc.


The Main Bridge Seminar on Study Abroad in Germany was warmly welcomed by teachers, students and their parents in China. We have received lots of positive feedbacks from the schools. After participation in the seminar, students and their parents have got new perspective about study in German universities; they have comprehensive knowledge about study in Germany.