Motivation of preparatory classes

The Preparatory Classes at Main Bridge provide the essential information for high school age and college age students who are interested in studying abroad at German Elite Universities. You will have the opportunity to attend the information sessions hosted by the colleges. We will review the prerequisites, the application process, and the different curriculums and degrees available at the universities. We are also committed to provide a genuine German collegial experience, such as attending crash courses in German and English studies, visiting the campus. We hope this experience will offer a comprehensive introduction to German’s higher education system and campus life.

Germany is world renowned for its industry and technology. The phrase “Made in Germany” is synonymous with premium quality. Germany is a world leader in both science and engineering, and that stems from an outstanding higher education system that helps to cultivate future scientists and engineers. However, despite the country’s dominance in technical advancements, its universities are not well known on the world stage, especially compared to countries like the United States or Great Britain, or maybe even Australia. As a result, many excellent foreign students are lost to these countries. Another objective of our classes is to act as a platform introducing Chinese students to the universities. We hope to highlight the robust resources of the universities by organizing campus visits and introductory classes, thus showcasing the unique qualities of the elite German universities to the Chinese students. The preparatory classes at Main Bridge will act as a brand new communicating bridge between the Chinese students and the German universities.


Updated on: 12th November 2019

Edited by: Xiao Cai