Special Contributors

Jyun Tran is teaching and research assistant at faculty of electrical engineering and information technology of RWTH Aachen University. His daily work is to lead graduate students to engage in the scientific work on the 5th generation of wireless communication network. In his spare time, he avidly gives advice and guidance to Chinese students, who would like to study in Germany in the near future.

"Three Character Classic" (1) said: "People left much money for children. I did my kids with good doctrine." Jyun Tran hopes that he can publish a variety of articles on renowned journals and newspapers in China. Those articles are all about his study experience in Germany. Through these publications, more students in China are able to learn from his experience about study at German Universities. In that way, they may realize their dreams of studying aboard in Germany earlier and prepare themselves better for the life in Germany.

Main bridge is honored to invite Jyun Tran as one of the speakers at Main Bridge Seminar on Study Abroad in Germany in 2016. This seminar provided him a good platform to let him go back to the high schools in China. There he can better understand what kinds of information the Chinese students need. Meanwhile, we are very fortunate to invite him to become one of the Main Bridge special contributors. Through his publications, he can remotely give the Chinese students suggestions about their study plan in Germany.

(1): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three_Character_Classic